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Since 2009 Mobile Scaffolds Queensland has been taking you safely to new heights.

We founded Mobile Scaffolds Queensland because we saw a need for a first class service at a competitive price. A service that would ensure your safety when you need to work at heights.

We’ve helped hundreds of people say goodbye to their dangerous ladders and work safely with our mobile scaffolds.

We’re a family business, too, which means we are totally committed to you and what’s best for you. It also means we’re stable. We’re in it for the long haul. So you can always depend on us.

Our motto is ‘No Job Too Small’ and we’ve stuck by that since we started. You’ve told us that’s a winning attitude, because some of the big guys are only after big jobs.

And because you want to know just what you get with us, we give you a free site inspection and quotation.

We’re expanding to give you even better service

Our mobile scaffolds and static aluminium towers are our trademark.

But we’re now expanding into the design and construction of steel and aluminium scaffolding for your commercial and domestic projects.

Require some help? We can also supply labour.

And yes, you can buy our scaffolding if it works so well for you.

Our scaffolds are for inside too

Think about those very high ceilings that need painting, or lights changed. Or art gallery installations, theatres, boat builders… the list goes on. When you need to work up high, Mobile Scaffolds Queensland can get you there.

And if you’re a painter, plasterer, sign writer, electrician or glazier, you need to work safely and securely on properties up to 2 floors high.

Want some inspiration? Check out our Gallery page.

We meet Australian Standards

Our scaffolds are built to Australian Standards and are issued with a Scaffolding Handover Certificate.
All our work is performed by licensed Scaffolders.

Scaffolds almost anywhere

You need it – we’ll scaffold for you almost anywhere. If there is an access problem, we’ll work with you for the best outcome.

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